When do I need to book you?


  • I advise brides and grooms to book their celebrant as soon as they have set a date.

       I can be booked a year in advance or I can be booked with a few days notice.


What do I need to get legally get married?


  • You need a Marriage Licence.  

       This is  applied for through The Department of Internal

       Affairs, Births, Deaths and Marriages.  
       I can assist you with the formalities of obtaining your

       Marriage Licence.

       You also require two witnesses to be present at the ceremony.


Will you work with us to plan the ceremony the way we want it?


  •  Yes, I will be happy to work with you to design a ceremony that is uniquely yours.

       This is your day and I will be guided by you as to how you want your ceremony             to be.  

       There are certain legalities that need to included in any ceremony, we can                       work together to include these in your ceremony.


Do you travel outside of Wellington for weddings?


  • Yes, I would be very happy to travel to your wedding, however for weddings outside of Wellington my fees will vary to include travel and accommodation.


Will you take a rehearsal for us?

  • Yes, the day before your wedding we will have a rehearsal.

       I will explain to you and your wedding party what will happen during the 

       ceremony and we will have a run through so every one  knows where they  

       will be  and what will be required of them. 

       We can also practice readings, vows and music as many times as we need to.


What will you do on the day?

  • I  normally arrive  half an hour to three quarters of an hours  before your wedding ceremony is due to begin.

       I have a quick check make sure that everything is the way you

       want it and  check  that your groom/ bride is OK


       After I have conducted the ceremony I check all the paperwork is in   


       I will send the signed Marriage Licence to Births Deaths and  Marriages.                         

        I will leave you with a copy of the ceremony  and a copy of the

        signed Marriage Licence for you to keep.

What do you charge?


  •  My fee is $500.00, including a $200.00 non refundable deposit paid on booking.  

       My fee will differ if you require me to travel out of town.

       In addition I offer a registry office style wedding ceremony for $400.00.  

       This ceremony is suitable for those couples that require a small ceremony with just 

       the exchanging of vows and rings and I do's.  Wellington



       If you require me to travel out of town travel and accommodation costs will apply

We just want a short ceremony, is that OK?

  • So long as we cover the legal requirements to get married  in your ceremony I am 100% happy to make the ceremony as short or as long as you would like it to be.
    My only concern is that you are happy with your ceremony.

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